Pleached Hornbeam + Forget Me Not + Rhododendron + Buxus

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PRICE: $644.72

Pleached Hornbeam + Forget Me Not + Rhododendron + Buxus is a perfect eye catching combination. This garden bosts pleached Hornbeam running along the back fence or wall with Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not's dotted in between revealing their vibrant blue hues from their flower. In front of the Hornbeam there is a smaller form factor Rhododendron with beautiful white/pinkish flowers popping throughout. There is a beloved classic buxus hedge running along the front of the garden to show the beginning of this gorgeous garden combination.

This plan is based on being 1.5m wide by 10m long.

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Plants in this Plant Pack

Carpinus betulus - Hornbeam
Myositidium hortensia- Chatham Island Forget me not
Rhododendron Pawhuska
Buxus sempervirens