Isotoma fluviatilis

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Isotoma fluviatilis also known as Blue Star Creeper, is a charming ground cover plant that brings a carpet of colour to any garden. This perennial plant is celebrated for its tiny, star-shaped, sky-blue flowers that bloom from late spring through summer, creating a stunning visual effect.

Its low-growing creeping habit makes it an excellent choice for filling gaps between stepping stones, covering bare spots under shrubs, or creating a low-maintenance lawn substitute. Its small, evergreen leaves form a dense mat, providing a lush backdrop for the vibrant blooms. 

In addition to its attractive foliage and flowers, Isotoma fluviatilis is also a great plant for attracting pollinators. Bees and butterflies are drawn to its colourful, nectar-rich flowers, making it a great addition to a wildlife-friendly garden.

This plant thrives in a variety of conditions, from full sun to partial shade, and is tolerant of different soil types. It's also relatively drought-tolerant once established, making it a great low-maintenance choice for gardeners. 

Typically reaches a height of just 5 cm and 40 cm width in its first year.

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