Hydrangea Bloody Marvellous

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Hydrangea Bloody Marvellous is a very popular variety of hydrangea, flowering red in the summer months against dark-chocolate foliage, flowers becoming deep wine-purple as they age towards autumn. Apply lime in the autumn to retain the red flowering.  Suits a part shade spot in the garden - suits a wide range of garden styles, from English to Classic, and Contemporary. 

Bloody Marvellous grows to a height of 1 metre and a width of 1 metre making it suitable for both big and small gardens. 

To keep a tidy appearance, it is recommended to remove any dead or spent flowers from Hydrangea Bloody Marvellous by "deadheading." This helps to encourage new growth and keep the plant looking its best.


If you have a smaller garden and would like to keep Hydrangea Bloody Marvellous at a certain size, you can trim it back annually. The best time to do this is during winter.  When trimming, be sure to leave any old wood on the plant, as it will flower on the previous year's growth. This will help ensure that the plant continues to produce beautiful flowers year after year.

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