Cistus creticus albus

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Cistus creticus Albus, commonly known as white rockrose, is a charming evergreen shrub that has pure white flowers with a yellow center, from spring right through the summer months. The plant has a bushy habit with sticky, lance-shaped, green leaves that have a slightly aromatic scent when brushed against or warmed by the sun.

In the garden, Cistus creticus Albus is perfect for adding bright splashes of white to borders, rock gardens, or Mediterranean-style landscapes. Its drought tolerance and preference for sunny, well-drained sites make it ideal for xeric or low-water gardens. 

White rockrose thrives in full sun and well-drained soil, and it is well adapted to poor, rocky, or sandy conditions. It is extremely drought-tolerant once established. For mass plantings or as part of a border, spacing of about 50-60cm apart is recommended to allow each plant enough space to mature and display its full floral show.

Typically grows to around 1m in height and width, forming a rounded, mounded shape.  

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