Achillea The Beacon

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Achillea millefolium The Beacon, also known as Achillea Fanal, is a splendid herbaceous perennial known for its vibrant soft red flowers that gradually fade to a striking orange hue. These tiny blossoms stand tall on stems, set against a backdrop of grey-green feathery foliage. As the seasons transition from summer to autumn, the foliage takes on bronze tones, adding to its visual appeal. By winter, the plant's colour fades to a straw shade, yet it retains its architectural beauty.

This variety thrives in full sun or partial shade and prefers fertile, moist, free-draining soils. It's essential to avoid overly shaded areas as this can cause the foliage to thin out, losing its distinct form. Growing up to a height of 45cm and spreading 25cm wide, The Beacon is not only resistant to pests and diseases but also hardy against cool climates and frost. Whether used as an accent in borders, as a backdrop for smaller plants, or in large containers, its presence is sure to enhance various garden styles, including city, courtyard, and cottage gardens.

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