Coprosma Lighthouse

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Coprosma Lighthouse is a stunning, New Zealand-bred ground cover, distinctly different from any other selection available. This half-hardy evergreen shrub is ideal for coastal conditions, thriving in windy and salt-spray environments. An outstanding natural selection discovered on coastal cliffs in northern New Zealand, Coprosma Lighthouse is a tough character that lends itself to low-maintenance, low-water requirement gardens. Its spreading, compact habit, and fine, light green foliage make it an ideal weed-suppressing ground cover, perfect for mass planting and contemporary landscapes.

Coprosma Lighthouse grows to 30 cm in height and spreads up to 1 metre. It prefers full sun and well-drained soil, and while it is hardy to light frost, it should be protected from heavy frost. This versatile plant is low maintenance, requiring only occasional trimming to maintain a tidy, compact habit. Its clean, minimalist look makes it a good candidate for contemporary landscapes, where it can be moulded to any desired shape by close clipping. It also looks fabulous when juxtaposed with coloured grasses or as a sole container specimen.

This evergreen hybrid is extremely wind and salt-spray tolerant, making it an excellent coastal plant. Its low, mounding, compact habit provides pleasing textural effects and is well suited to low-water gardens. Coprosma Lighthouse is perfect for gardeners seeking a resilient, low-maintenance ground cover that offers year-round interest and functionality.

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