Griselinia Ardmore Emerald - Field-Grown

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Shipping From: 31st May 2024

Our field-grown Griselinia Ardmore Emerald is a great option for those after a developed, mature shrub that is sure to provide an instant impact. 

It thrives in a wide range of soils but prefers well-drained, fertile ground. It performs best in full sun to partial shade and tolerates coastal exposure.

Its dense, bushy nature makes it an ideal hedge or screening plant, providing privacy and protection from the elements. Besides being a great specimen plant, this plant is also great for mixed borders, adding a lot of interest to any garden.

At maturity, Griselinia Ardmore Emerald can grow to 3-4 metres tall. However, with regular pruning and maintenance, it can be kept smaller, depending on your garden design and personal preference. Its moderate growth rate allows for easy management and shaping to desired sizes.

Field-grown plants are grown directly in open fields, enabling their roots to spread and develop naturally, resulting in larger size, established root systems, and increased resilience. When transporting these plants, hessian, a coarse fabric made from natural fibres like jute, is commonly used to wrap their roots, providing protection during transportation and handling.

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