Wisteria Geisha

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Wisteria floribunda Geisha is a captivating deciduous climber renowned for its highly aromatic flowers. In the spring, as the fresh leaves unfurl, this variety showcases cascading racemes of pale blue flowers, creating a mesmerising display. The lush, mid-green foliage takes on yellow hues in the autumn, adding another layer of visual interest before shedding its leaves for the winter.

This woody climber can effortlessly reach heights of up to 10 metres, but with regular trimming, it can be maintained at a desired size. For optimal growth and a vibrant floral display, it's best to plant Wisteria Geisha in a well-drained site with full sun exposure. It's hardy to frost, adaptable to cool climates, and can withstand some wind and dry periods. Whether you're looking to adorn a fence, trellis, or any vertical structure, Wisteria Geisha is an ideal choice, especially for cottage gardens or spaces where its beauty and fragrance can be fully appreciated.

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