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Vaccinium corymbosum Sierra, commonly known as Sierra Blueberry, is a northern highbush blueberry variety grown for its delicious, large, and sweet berries. In spring, it features white to pale pink, bell-shaped flowers, followed by lush green leaves that turn vibrant shades of red and orange in autumn. It is an early to mid-season fruiting variety with bigger than average fruit. It thrives in full sun and prefers well-drained, acidic soil rich in organic matter. This variety is well-suited to various garden styles, including cottage, contemporary, and wildlife gardens.

When planting Sierra Blueberry, space the plants about 1.5m apart to allow for their mature size and to ensure good air circulation, which helps prevent disease. Regular watering is essential, especially during the fruiting season and establishment period. Mulching with pine needles or acidic compost can help maintain the soil acidity and moisture levels. Pruning annually helps to promote new growth and enhance fruit production.

Mature Size: 1.5m tall and 1m wide.

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