Michelia Cinderella + Dianella Tas Red

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PRICE: $84.50

Michelia + Dianella Flat Pack Garden 

A very low maintenance style planting that suits to be planted along a boundary fence, or against the side of your house. Very tough plants that grow in most parts of New Zealand with ease.

The different forms and textures of these two plants create year round interest. Michellia flowering in spring with a beautiful large white flower that really stands out against the dark green foliage of the Michellia. Dianella Tas Red planted at the base loosens up the style with the strappy foliage that retains great form and doesn't go scruffy. 

Nothing much to be done here, apart from keep the weeds out and once the Dianella establishes  they will help keep the weeds at bay. The Michellia will need to be kept under control from time to time especially if you want to retain a narrow garden. This is once a year at most, just after they flower. 

This Flat Pack is based on 1.2m wide x 3m long and we will be happy to tweak to your measurments. 

If this planting plan is not quite right for you and your property then check out our design services to get the right look with the right plants.

Plants in this Plant Pack

Dianella Tas Red
Michelia Cinderella