Magnolia + Carex + Ophiopogon Flat Pack

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This planting plan is suited to be planted against a boundary fence in an urban section - somewhere you are needing to create a bit of height to achieve some seclusion and privacy from next door. 

The Carex Joho and the Ophiopogon Black Dragon have been selected as the plants at the base of the garden to create a bold visual with the black against the green - as they are both evergreen you will retain this dramatic visual year round. The Magnolia little Gem is evenly spaced to give the garden some elevation and structure. As with both the Carex and the Ophiopogon, Magnolia Little Gem is also evergreen, so a consistent visual year round with the added bonus of the white flower of the Magnolia in the spring. 

A very low maintenance planting. All you need to do is to make sure it stays weed free for establishment and then  it will look after itself. 

This planting plan is based 1.2 x 10m wide and will be happy to tweak to your measurements. 

If this planting plan is not quite right for your property then check out our services to get you the right look with the right plants 

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Plants in this Plant Pack

Carex Joho
Ophiopogon Black Dragon - Black Mondo
Magnolia Little Gem