Garden Design #25

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Myositidium hortensia- Chatham Island Forget Me Not
From: $7.20
Myosotidium hortensia- Chatham Island Forget me not

Myosotidium hortensia (Chatham Island Forget Me Not) have beautiful thick glossy leaves and spectacular blue flowers. Chatham Island forget-me-nots are one of the most attractive of New Zealand's herbaceous native plants. There is only one species of Myosotidium, and in the wild it grows on exposed coastal sites in the Chatham Islands. In gardens this easycare plant needs shelter from frost and some shade during hot summers. It prefers a well-drained moist, compost-rich soil.

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Camellia Mansize
From: $15.00
Camellia Mansize

Camellia Mansize - one of our favourite camellias. With stunning, pure white, anemone flowers in spring that contrast superbly with its dark-green foliage it has a good upright growth habit. Likes a spot in the semi-shade. 

The image is of our 3.3L grade