Garden #16

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Lomandra Tanika
From: $14.95
Lomandra Tanika

Tanika® Lomandra has been performing in landscapes across Australia for over a decade. An evergreen, improved compact fine leaf form, this low maintenance plant is perfect for landscape professionals and gardeners alike. Small yellow flowers from April to October, Tanika® Lomandra is also soft to touch so kids will enjoy this plant as well. Uses: Ideal for borders, specimen planting and mass planting. Position: Full sun to moderate shade. Tolerates frost and drought. Suits sandy, sandy loam to clay soils. Avoid wet feet. Grows to H 50 – 60cm x W 65cm.

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Hydrangea Annabelle
From: $34.04
Hydrangea Annabelle

Pale lime flowers, extremely large mopheads, 30cm across.