Garden Design #16

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Prunus Thundercloud
From: $91.77
Prunus Thundercloud

Fragrant flowers that are pale pink and bowl shaped that bloom on bare branches. Edible small red fruit follows the flowers which is ready to harvest in summer or early autumn. Tolerant of exposed and coastal sites. Position in full sun. Suits a well drained moist soil. Deciduous. Hardy. 8m x 4m.

Poa cita
From: $6.03
Poa cita - Silver Tussock

Poa cita, commonly known as Silver Tussock is a very fast-growing New Zealand native tussock found in all locations from the high country to coastal areas. This plant can handle poor soils and is extremely hardy. Has very fine foliage with feathery flower heads in summer.  Poa cita is perfect for mass planting on dry and exposed sites. Grows to 70cm tall when mature. 


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