Shelter - Single Row with Poplar + Pittosporum

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This plant pack consists of a planting plan, plants, fertiliser tablets, and plant protectors.

This plant pack is designed for shelterbelt purposes. 

Crowsnest poplar is primarily used for shelterbelts and windbreaks, because of its narrow habit and fast growth. Planted at 1m spacings, it creates a great shelter with the branches growing upright and close to the stem. As a deciduous tree, this is great for a shelter planted east to west, as in winter the loss of leaves will miminse shading on the south side of the planting, while still creating a windbreak. Crowsnest is moderately resistant to rust, drought tolerant, and is best suited to drier, inland locations as it has a low salt tolerance. It will grow to a height of 20-30 metres, and is frost hardy. Pittosporum provides a dense foliage which acts as low shelter at the base of the poplar. It will provide shelter in winter when the poplar loses its leaves, and can grow to a height of 5m therefore will create shade during winter if planted east to west. 

It will grow to a height of 20-30 metres.

The planting plan is for an area 4.5m wide x 100m long. 

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Plants in this Plant Pack

Populus 'Crows Nest'
Pittosporum tenuifolium
Slow release fertiliser tablets
KBC CombiShield™
KBC Spray Sleeve