Shelter - Single Row with Hoheria + Phormium

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This plant pack consists of a planting plan, plants, and fertiliser tablets.  

This plant pack is designed for shelterbelt purposes. 

Hoheria angustifolia, commonly known as Narrow-leaved Lacebark, is a compact evergreen specimen which makes a great shelter. It has a weeping habit, with narrow, toothed leaves once it passes around 2 metres in height. It is very tolerant of poor soil, wind exposure, and is frost-hardy. It has a fast growth habit, growing up to 6 meters tall and 3 metres wide. Phormium cookianum produces clumps of broad, green leaves, growing to 1.5x1.5m. It is smaller then Phormium tenax, the classic New Zealand flax. It is tolerant of a wide range of sites including swampy and coastal and makes an excellent low shelter. Planted together, these two species provide differing shelter heights and ensures continuity as species mature. 

This planting plan will grow to 6 meters in height. 

The planting plan is for an area 4.5m wide x 100m long. 

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Plants in this Plant Pack

Hoheria angustifolia
Phormium cookianum
Slow release fertiliser tablets
KBC CombiShield™