Shelter - Single Row with Cortaderia



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This plant pack consists of a planting plan, plants, and fertiliser tablets.  

This plant pack is designed for shelterbelt purposes. 

Cortaderia richardii, ToeToe, is a excellent low shelter planting. This tall grass forms a large clump to 2 metres in time, with arching, soft green leaves that are shiny beneath. The tall  plumes of  will reach up to 3 metres. Tolerant of sun and wind exposure, it can tolerate both wet and dry conditions. It is well suited to coastal habitats and is very frost hardy. Cortaderia richardii makes a great solution for shelter under irrigation pivots, where taller shelter options aren't possible. 

It will grow to a height of 2 metres.

The planting plan is for an area 4.5m wide x 100m long. 

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Plants in this Plant Pack

Cortaderia richardii
Slow release fertiliser tablets
KBC CombiShield™