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The Plant Store offers Rural Solutions in the Southland region. Below is the general process of what we do and offer. Click on each point below for more information.

The Plant Store has the expertise for one of our consultants to do a site visit and be able to adives you on your planting options. 

A representive  from The Plant Store will book a time with you to meet on farm and look at all the areas you need to plant. Whether it be for aesthetic, Shelter, Riparian or woodlot. 

From here a Full Farm Planting Plan can be produced if required.

A planting plan will be drawn, quantifying plant numbers, identifying species best suited to provide the necessary outcomes and which will flourish in the site. The cost of this is variable depending on requirements. 

Plants will be identified using botanical and common names. This is emailed to the client for a final check. At this stage, plants can be removed or changed at clients request. This ensures a positive outcome for both parties.

After final plant selection,a quote is sent to the client, itemising all individual areas to be planted. Each planting area will have a total number of plants and a cost attributed to it, with additional options which include site preparation, plant install, protectors and install of protectors and finally a maintenance option.

On quote confirmation, The Plant Store will order all plants identified in the plant plan. The Plant Store has specialized growers who produce plants grown in root trainers which are designed to produce a well developed deep root system. It requires a deeper hole to be dug when planting, this ensures the root system is deeper in the soil and will be better able to withstand drier periods during the important early stages of plant development.

Prior to any planting, site preparation will occur. This consists of marking planting holes at appropriate spacings, weed eating all vegetation to 750mm diameter of proposed planting hole, and a spray of glyphosate mixed at appropriate dilution rates to further reduce competition from weed species.

All plants have a plant shroud and weed matt installed after planting. This shroud provides protection from the extremes of climate, gives a level of protection from rabbits and hares during the critical development and establishment phase of the plants growth. The wool weed matt inhibits weed growth, helps retain moisture in the area immediately adjacent to the root ball, promoting growth and vigor.

Ideally maintenance of plantings should be carried out in 5- 6 week cycles depending on seasonal growth, for the first three growing seasons, after which time plants will be of an age where weed competition should not be of consequence. A maintenance crew using Glyphosate (Round-up) with pulse penetrant and spray dye added spray around all plants to reduce weed competition. Pulse penetrant reduces dry time, causes surface tension of the plants leaf, enabling the spray to easily enter the plant and increases the translocation of herbicide within the plant. Spray dye colours all vegetation sprayed, thus ensuring all plants have been released every spray cycle.

During the maintenance cycles plants are visually checked for health and vigor and to ensure shrouds are in tact. Depending on growth conditions, 5 to 6 maintenance cycles will be completed throughout a growing season. This is dependant on weather conditions and may vary between years.

The Plant Store will guarantee a 90% survival rate during all stages of the three year maintenance programme. Replacing plants that exceed the 10% mortality threshold at no charge.

Are you ready for a planting consult?

If you're interested in having a farming consult, please contact us today by completing the form below and one of our consultants will be in touch or phone us on 0508 752 687