Riparian - Double Row with Hebe Snowdrift

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This plant pack consists of a planting plan, plants, fertiliser, and plant protectors.  

This plant pack is designed for riparian planting purposes along streams and waterways. Riparian zone management has numerous potemtial benefits including stream bank stablisation and erosion control, reduced losses of sediment and nutrients from land, stock control and shelter, and flood mitigation. 

Carex secta makes up the first row, an extremely tolerant sedge which is planted right on the water's edge to provide bank stabilsation in times of high water. The second row, planted 1.5m behind the Carex secta, provides both bank stabilisation and runoff filtering, while giving the area some height with the cordyline australis, hoheria angustifolia, and pittosporum. The coprosma propinqua and hebe snowdrift are very hardy plants which will attract native birds and bees. 

The height of this planting in time will provide shade for the stream, potentially increasing its biodiversity value and ecosystem health, and providing habitat for aquatic species. It also provides shelter and stock control for neighbouring paddocks. 

The planting plan is for an area 5m wide x 100m long. 

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Plants in this Plant Pack

Cordyline australis
Hoheria angustifolia
Coprosma propinqua
Hebe Snowdrift
Carex secta
Pittosporum tenuifolium
Slow release fertiliser tablets
KBC CombiShield™