How to use Lomandra Tanika in your garden

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on 5 July 2021, 19:42

Known for its graceful arching shape, Lomandra Tanika is perfect for mass planting an area to create a sea of green all year round, which looks fantastic blowing with wind or to brighten your day in the middle of a gloomy winter. Planted along a border, Lomandra Tanika does a great job at hiding straight lines, and forming a sway of texture to walk past. They also look great planted in a pot or container to spice up those small space gardens such as decks or balconies. 


Lomadra Tanika is an extremely hardy grass. If you're struggling to grow other plants in your garden, give this guy a go. It thrives in full sun, but will also tolerate shade, wet or dry conditions (although it doesn’t like wet feet), and frost. This level of tolerance means it will grow virtually anywhere around New Zealand. Growing up to heights of 60 centimeters to 1.5 metres tall depending on the area, Lomandra Tanika will produce small creamy-yellow flowers in spring and summer. If you want to keep on top of this grass, you can cut it back after flowering to ensure it stays clean and fresh looking. 

At The Plant Store, Lomandra Tanika is a mainstay in many of our garden designs, suiting both modern and formal gardens. Jonny, one of our expert Garden Designers, loves using Tanika against black fences to allow the green to really stand out with its classic pendular shape. 


Lomandra Tanika

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