Best ways to use phormium cookianum in your garden 

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on 25 March 2021, 16:35

Phormium cookianum, or simply Mountain Flax, is a multifaceted plant. It can be used as an informal hedge for its natural shape, providing a natural aesthetical appeal. However, you may choose to grow it as a specimen plant, which will add an ornamental effect to your garden, and looks especially good in gravel gardens.  

When grown in containers, they can become a focal point. Be sure to choose a pot big enough to give space for the plant to grow. Feed a couple of times during spring and never let it get too dry in a pot and it will reward you for years to come.

They look fantastic when planted with other natives, such as Sophora Dragons Gold and Hebe Townonii, or are qually suited to a cottage-style garden, adding a touch of tropical flair. 

Phormium cookianum is a hardy plant, enjoys full sun, and is a winner for coastal situations.

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