All about Lomandra

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on 5 March 2021, 16:09

What is it 

Lomandra is a beautiful, fresh green grass that works beautifully well in an urban garden. It stays neat and tidy, holds great fresh green colouring year-round, and is tough. There is an array of varieties, but the most popular ones are:

Tanika - Fresh green and get to a height of 70cms 

Lime Tuff - Fresh green, an upright habit and get to a height of 60cms

Nyalla - A blue-green foliage colour, a very soft weeping foliage form getting to a height of 90cms

Why use it 

When selecting grasses, they all look so good at a young age - but they change. A lot go very large and scruffy for an urban garden and are suited to a larger styled planting where they can be observed from a distance. Lomandras stay fresh and tidy - don’t get me wrong, they can go a wee bit tatty after 5 years + in a garden or if they get nailed in a frost when it has been quite wet - but they recover back to their former glory in quick succession after a wee cut back and a feed. 


Lomandra Tanika

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