7 reasons to plant a Pittosporum in your garden

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on 1 March 2021, 17:31

#1 - They are really, really tough and durable. They grow from the sea to the mountain... as long as they are in a free draining spot.  

#2 They are a great plant to add a bit of substance to the garden. They are evergreen, produce sweetly scented flowers, very attractive to native birds and bees.  


#3 They suit all styles, from NZ natives to more of a classic garden with other plants. They can be combined with grasses and flaxes; groundcvoers such as aceana inermis 'purpeurea'for the native style and then even Rhododendorns, camellias and viburnums for more of a classic garden.

#4 They come in a huge variety of sizes. From tenuifolium, that gets up to 5m tall, to the small ball ones, that only get to 50cms in height. They can be used to create privacy, hide or replace fences, or used as a topiary specimen, shaped into spheres or columns. 


#5 A pioneer plant that is great to use in a new garden that is exposed. Once they are up, it allows you to then plant 'softer' plants. Combine with perennials to add colour contrast.  

#6 They make a great hedge. For small spaces, prefer pittosporum tenuifolium. On the other hand, Silver Sheen can be used to create a formal screening along paths and driveways. Prune regularly to keep them dense and well- structured. 


#7 They are very easy to look after. Low-maintenance plants, they thrive well in either shade or sun. In hot areas, mulch the roots to keep the moisture. Use an all-purpose fertiliser once a year.  


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