5 reasons Heucheras are the perfect plant for winter

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on 16 February 2021, 16:58

1. Great filler plant

They add interest, helping focal points stand out in landscapes and gardens.


2. Add texture, colour and contrast to the garden

Foliage colours come in green, red, maroon, orange, yellow, silver, brown, and black. Certainly, there will be the right Heuchera to fit your garden style.

3. Easy to care for

Heucheras are usually hardy and low-maintenance plants. They look good all year round, even during the winter. They tolerate cold weather; however, they don’t do well in swampy areas.  

4. Shady Lover

The brighter the tone of the foliage, the more protected from the sun they need to be. The darker varieties, such as Black Taffeta, are more tolerant to the sun.   

5. Combiner of plants

You can place them under topiary plants or at the empty space in amongst an existing shrubbery. A great plant to use in combination with Ligularia reniformis, Chatham's Island forget-me-nots and hostas. 


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