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We offer an Onsite Garden Consultation service in Southland and Wanaka. If you have a new garden you want to create or an existing garden you want to change, then we are the people for you. Click the points below to find out more.

Once you have contacted The Plant Store regarding a home garden consultation:

  • You will receive a link with a series of short answer questions. This helps The Plant Store’s consultant to ascertain your likes and dislikes, desired outcomes and prefered garden styles.
  • ‚ÄčA Garden Consultant will then arrange a time that is suitable to come to your property and discuss fruther what your wants & needs and how practical they would be in your space. 
  • From this your Consultant will have a range of options for you which, will be plant varities and types which can fruther be developed after initial consult. The options of a planting plan will be discussed also if required and the options for The Plant Store to do the installation of plants.

There is no obligation or charge involved with the inital consult, for any fruther landscape plans fees and charges will apply as discussed with you consultant.

Depending on the complexity of the proposed works, whether it be an empty section, a full revamp of an existing garden, or a new build a garden plan may be required.  The cost associated with a plan ranges from $1000 - $2000.

This document clearly specifies the shape and size of all areas to be planted, identifies where each plant sits within each garden area and gives a total number of plants required. It identifies all plants using botanical and common names.

A plant pallet accompanies every planting plan.This document is a visual guide to every plant in the planting plan,and will include a photo of the flower,in the case of flowering plants.

The planting plan enables the client if they wish, to place and plant all plants themselves as per the plant plan over an extended period of time. It also gives the client the option to engage external contractors to implement the plant plan and garden design.



The planting plan and the plant pallet are sent to the client for review. At this point a variety of changes can be made according to the clients requirements. If necessary the consultant will revisit site and talk through all changes the client requires, offer opinions and advice and come to a consensus. This is at no extra cost. An edited planting plan with all changes will be sent to the client for approval along with the edited plant pallet. On approval of the plant plan, a quote will be sent itemising costs and all work to be undertaken by The Plant Store and its representatives.

Once the quote has been confirmed, The Plant Store can fully implement and manage your project from inception through to completion. This includes all plants and material supply, placing and planting of all plants in accordance with the planting plan. Sourcing and management of all external contractors. The Plant Store will manage all aspects of the project with the chosen contractor or the client. If The Plant Store fully manages your project, we offer a 100% plant guarantee. Replacing all dead plants free of charge.

Ready for a garden consult?

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