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Enjoy the convenience of free delivery with our Tiny Tots range! Each pack contains 24 robust plants in a 7cm grade, ideal for mass planting projects and those on a budget. 

Coprosma Red Rocks, also known as mirror plant, is a striking evergreen shrub known for its vibrant, reddish-brown foliage that intensifies in colour during colder months. This New Zealand native has a robust, upright growth habit and glossy leaves that can appear almost metallic, catching the light and adding visual interest to the garden.

In the garden, Coprosma Red Rocks is ideal for creating colourful hedges, and specimen plantings, or for adding contrast in mixed borders. Its unique colour and reflective leaves make it a standout choice in contemporary, coastal, and rock garden designs. It's also well-suited for planting in urban environments due to its tolerance to wind and salt spray.

Red Rocks prefers full sun to partial shade and thrives in well-drained soil. It is drought-tolerant once established and requires minimal maintenance. To achieve a dense, impactful display, plants should be spaced approximately 50-60cm apart, allowing for full growth and colour development.

The mature size of Coprosma Red Rocks is around 1-1.5m in height and width, making it a medium-sized shrub that provides year-round colour and structure in the landscape.

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