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Coprosma acerosa, commonly known as sand coprosma or trailing coprosma, is a low-growing, ground-cover plant native to New Zealand. It is characterized by its wiry, prostrate stems and small, round, blue-green leaves, which can take on a reddish hue in colder conditions. This plant is particularly noted for its ability to thrive in harsh, coastal environments, making it an excellent choice for seaside gardens.

In the garden, Coprosma acerosa is ideal for rockeries, ground cover, and coastal plantings where it can help prevent soil erosion and withstand salt spray. Its dense, mat-forming habit makes it effective for covering large areas, providing a low-maintenance, evergreen carpet that can adapt to a variety of soil types.

Sand coprosma prefers full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil. It is extremely tolerant of poor soils, including sandy and rocky conditions, and is very drought-resistant once established. For effective ground coverage, plants should be spaced approximately 50-60cm apart, allowing them to spread and form a continuous mat.

The mature size of Coprosma acerosa is typically around 10-15cm in height with a spread of up to 1m or more.

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