Olearia paniculata

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Olearia paniculata, known as Akiraho or Golden Ake Ake, is a hardy coastal tree daisy native to New Zealand. Originating from mature and regenerating forests across the East Cape to Golden Bay and Canterbury, this plant now thrives in various settings and is widely grown as a hedge plant. It can reach an impressive height of up to 6 metres, creating a striking presence in your landscape.

Olearia paniculata stands out with its bright green, crinkly oval leaves that range from 30-100 mm long and 20-40 mm wide. Their leathery surface, coupled with thin, white to buff-coloured soft hairs on the undersides. The leaf margins can be flat or show strong waves, creating a fascinating visual appeal. Every autumn, this tree daisy rewards you with clusters of sweet-smelling, daisy-like flowers, turning it into a nectar hotspot for local wildlife.

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