Metrosideros Maori Princess - Field-Grown

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Metrosideros Maori Princess, commonly known as Pohutukawa, is a stunning New Zealand native. This striking tree is revered for its vibrant display of deep red, feathery flowers that bloom around Christmas, earning it the title of New Zealand's Christmas tree. It's a semi-dwarf variety of the species, growing more slowly and staying smaller than the species in general. Pohutukawa trees are adaptable, tough, and salt-tolerant, making them ideal for coastal planting. As the tree matures, the bark peels back to reveal a beautiful multicoloured pattern underneath, adding to its visual appeal. The mature size varies greatly depending on the environment, but it can reach a height of 7 metres.

Field-grown plants are grown directly in open fields, enabling their roots to spread and develop naturally, resulting in larger size, established root systems, and increased resilience. When transporting these plants, hessian, a coarse fabric made from natural fibres like jute, is commonly used to wrap their roots, providing protection during transportation and handling.

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