Chionochloa rubra

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Chionochloa rubra, known as the Red Tussock, is a standout New Zealand native, combining ecological importance with garden elegance. This perennial grass, with its distinctive red-tinged tussocks, reaches up to 1.5m, offering a unique texture with its tubular, inward-rolled leaves. Beyond its beauty, it's a vital shelter for native birds, an anchor for soil, and a nourishing source for insects. It adapts to damp and infertile soils, making it a natural choice for wetland areas, and its flowering from October to December transitions to fruiting until May.

In gardens, Chionochloa rubra is a versatile gem. Its dynamic form is perfect for borders, mass planting, rock gardens, and mixed plant beds. The sun brings out its brilliant red foliage and when there's a breeze, the wispy leaves ripple in the wind. Growing to around 90cm, its seed heads linger through late summer, requiring minimal maintenance with occasional trims. Whether in full sun or partial shade, this ornamental grass promises to be a garden's highlight, best planted at spacings of 1.2 to 1.5m.

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