Apodasmia similis

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Apodasmia similis, commonly known as Oioi or Jointed Wire-rush, is a unique reed-like grass native to New Zealand. This evergreen plant features fine grey-green leaves adorned with brown bracts at the joints, forming a dense, erect clump. It is incredibly versatile, thriving in both wet and dry conditions, and is particularly well-suited for coastal marshlands and estuaries. With a height and spread of approximately 1 metre, Oioi is an excellent choice for creating natural borders or adding a touch of the wild to your garden.

A hardy plant that requires low maintenance. It is tolerant of extended dry periods, frost, and wind, making it ideal for various garden styles including architectural, backyard, and coastal gardens. Whether you're looking to enhance your living areas, paths, or even ponds, Oioi offers a fast growth rate and a robust nature that can withstand tough growing environments.

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