Pear Winter Nelis - Bare-Rooted

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Pear Winter Nelis

A very good, late-eating pear with excellent storage. Small, green fruit with reddish russet patches and buttery, rich-flavoured flesh. Very hardy but best on a warm site. A good pollinator, useful for pollinating other varieties. Tree habit is sparse and spreading. Ripens May. 6m x 4m. Moist soil. Full sun. Deciduous. 

What is a bare-rooted tree?

Bare-rooted trees are deciduous trees that have been grown in the ground and are dug up when they've become dormant in the winter. The soil is shaken from their roots and they are bundled up with their roots packed in moist material to prevent dehydration during transport. 

What are the benefits? 

  • Less packaging and plastic waste involved in growing process and transportation. 
  • Plant has more root mass as the roots have not been constricted and twisted by a pot.
  • They are easier to carry and plant as they are extremely lightweight.
  • Bare-rooted trees are cheaper as they do not come with soil and pots. 
  • Planting bare-rooted trees in the winter follows the natural pattern of the seasons. 

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