Hydrangea seemanii

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Hydrangea seemannii, also known as Seemann's hydrangea, is an evergreen climber that brings a lush and lasting presence to any garden it graces. Its dark, leathery leaves provide a year-round canvas of green, which in the summer months is beautifully offset by domed flower heads. These flower clusters are a composition of fertile greenish-white flowers surrounded by larger, more showy white bracts. The plant’s capability to reach an ultimate height of 8–12 metres and an ultimate spread of 2.5–4 metres over 10–20 years makes it an impressive addition, ideal for covering walls, fences or even for growing up the side of large trees. 

In terms of care, the Hydrangea seemannii is hardy and versatile, thriving in a range of conditions from full sun to full shade, and in soils that are moist but well-drained. It is suitable for a variety of garden types, including city and courtyard gardens, and cottage and informal gardens and makes for an excellent choice for wall-side borders due to its climbing habit. While it is a frost-hardy plant, it prefers sheltered locations to protect its stunning foliage from harsh conditions. For those looking to enhance their garden with something both visually pleasing and fragrant in the evenings, Seemannii is a delightful pick. With its moderate growth rate, it requires regular watering, especially during the initial years, to establish a robust root system.

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