Clematis paniculata

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Clematis paniculata, also known as Puawhananga or New Zealand Clematis, is a captivating evergreen climber native to New Zealand's forests. This high-climbing vine is a sight to behold, with its masses of white flowers that bloom from spring to early summer, signifying the arrival of the season.

The plant grows up to 2m in height and features feathery seed heads, adding a touch of elegance to your garden. It thrives in moist but well-drained soil, and its roots prefer a cool, shady spot while the foliage enjoys the sun. Water it regularly during the summer months to keep it flourishing.

Not only is Clematis paniculata a visually stunning addition to any garden, but it also comes with cultural significance. Known as "puawānanga" in Māori, which translates to "flower of the skies", its flowering marks the beginning of spring in Māori culture. The plant is frost-hardy and evergreen, making it a resilient choice for various climates. Its leaves are dark and globous, providing a lush green backdrop that turns into a beautiful autumn hue, adding year-round interest to your outdoor space.

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