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Apple Roy's Pearl is a modern, New Zealand-bred variety that's ideal for home gardens and organic orchards, thanks to its ease of cultivation, disease resistance, and reliable cropping. This variety is particularly noted for its rich, pear-drop flavour which strikes a delightful balance between sweet and sharp. The compact nature of the tree, which matures to about m high and 2m wide, makes it perfectly suited for small gardens.

The fruit itself is small to medium in size, featuring a distinctive pink-red blush on the skin and pale yellow, crisp, and juicy flesh inside. Roy's Pearl matures mid-season, typically from February to March, and the apples can be stored for up to two months, extending their usability. For successful fruiting, it should be cross-pollinated with another apple or crabapple that flowers at the same time. Plant this tree in a sunny, sheltered spot with free-draining soil enriched with organic matter. It requires staking for support, especially when young, and frequent watering during dry spells and throughout the fruit development phase to ensure optimal growth and fruiting.

What is a bare-rooted tree?

Bare-rooted trees are deciduous trees that have been grown in the ground and are dug up when they've become dormant in the winter. The soil is shaken from their roots and they are bundled up with their roots packed in moist material to prevent dehydration during transport. 

What are the benefits? 

  • Less packaging and plastic waste are involved in the growing process and transportation. 
  • The plant has more root mass as the roots have not been constricted and twisted by a pot.
  • They are easier to carry and plant as they are extremely lightweight.
  • Bare-rooted trees are cheaper as they do not come with soil and pots. 
  • Planting bare-rooted trees in the winter follows the natural pattern of the seasons. 

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