Tussock Mound

Tussock Mound

With planting a mound, as is any garden, the plant selection is the most important thing. 

Grasses and Tussocks get a bad rap as more often than not the wrong one is chosen and, while they are quick to establish, they can also be  equally quick to look very drab indeed. 

Chionochloa rubra or commonly known as the Red Tussockis a  beauty that holds magnificent form and, unlike a lot of his relatives, doesn’t deteriorate with age. On a mound, more often than not this is the only plant that is needed to create a great visual. It’s also very low maintenance - all you have to do is keep the weeds down and, if you are in a dry climate, then water over the summer months.


Mass planting of a mound 


Plant Spaces:

Chionochloa rubra 1.2m Apart

Foliage - Fawny Brown

Plants in this Palette

Chionochloa rubra
Chionochloa rubra
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Chionochloa rubra

Very beautiful plant with leaves that glow and shimmer in the sun and ripple in the wind creating many textures and patterns. Flowers in early summer and attractive seed heads remain for many weeks.

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