Layer Me Up

Layer Me Up

This is a great combination of plants against a wall on the south side of your house or the south side of a fence. Low Maintenance that boasts a modern formal visual with white colour throughout the summer months. 


The Buxus hedge contains the planting beautifully, remaining evergreen throughout the seasons. The other thing I really like about buxus as a border hedge, is it hides so much - haven’t done the weeds for a couple of weeks?  it doesn’t matter - you can’t see them. Whilst buxus isn’t the fastest growing plant, that is a great attribute when it comes to trimming because it means that it only requires one to two trims per year and is very very forgiving. 

The Agapanthus is used directly behind the Buxus, I love agapanthus, as it is very tough. The reason I have chosen the variety  Finn is  due to it being a very small sterile variety that comprises tall flower stems. This will give you a dramatic spray of flowers popping up directly behind the buxus during the summer months. 

Then to the Hydrangea, Limelight is one of my favourites, this is a beautiful shrub that is tough as boots, provided it has part shade and is well mulched to retain moistures. Having this planted behind the buxus . The Hydrangea gives the height required to give the planting a bit of substance and break up what it is being planted in front of whether it be a wall of your house or the south side of your fence.

Width required 2.1m


Plant spacing; 

Buxus 20cms apart 

Agapanthus Finn 75cm Apart 

Hydrangea Limelight 1.2m Apart 

Foliage Colour: Green 

Flower Colour: White 



South side of a house wall for an entrance planting 

South side of a boundary fence to break up the lawn and fence 

The border of an existing  garden that will provide shade 



Plants in this Palette

Agapanthus Finn
Buxus sempervirens - Box Hedging
Hydrangea paniculata Limelight
Agapanthus Finn
From: $13.45
Agapanthus Finn

Agapanthus Finn has pure white flowers that bloom for months on end sits atop mid-green, strappy leaves. Ideal to use as a cut flower in containers, general borders, banks, mass plantings, and rockeries. Position in full sun. Evergreen. Hardy. 35cmx 35cm.

The image is of our 1.5L pot

Buxus sempervirens - Box Hedging
From: $15.20
Buxus sempervirens - Box Hedging

Buxus sempervirens, commonly known as English box.  Bushy evergreen shrub with lush green foliage, making this a must for hedging in a formal garden. Very hardy and very forgiving. For a tight hedge, plant at 20cm spacing. Can be kept as low as 30cm in height, but will get to 1m tall if kept untrimmed. 

The image shown is our 6pack.

Pot Size

Hydrangea paniculata Limelight
From: $24.50
Hydrangea paniculata Limelight

An award winning Hydrangea with large conical flower heads that put on a magnificent display in summer-autumn. The flowers open to a fresh shade of chartreuse, then gradually turn cream and finally become a deep smoky shade of pink. Best in humus rich soil, sun or part shade. Deciduous.