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What We Offer - Invercargill and Wanaka



Weed Control Our gardeners understand weed cycles and can give you the best options to get and keep them under control. 


Pest and Disease We are able to identify pest and disease giving us the ability to plan and best use appropriate controls.


Rose Pruning  A seasonal tidy to help eliminate disease and give your plants shape and vigour for the next growing season.  A spray and fertilising plan can also be part of this program 


Leaves Soon after the glorious colours are over the deciduous trees will lose their leaves and lawns can be smothered.  The task of picking up can be tedious but we are happy to do this and can remove and dispose if needed.


Shrub trimming Some plants are dominant and can become invasive.  A trim up helps to maintain shape and allow surrounding plants to breathe.


Mulching Not only does this help manage moisture and weeds, but gives back organic matter for good soil health.  Soil health is the key to healthy plants! Options can be discussed for your different needs. 


Garden Clearance  When your garden has taken over and you have lost control or an end of the season clean up.  We can take the pressure off and put things back into shape, or clean it up in autumn so you are ready when the growth begins again in spring.  This can include all of the above options or parts of.


Garden Maintenance- Let us take care of your garden needs as an ongoing maintenance plan so all you have to do is sit back and smell the roses.  Options can be discussed.



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