Garden Design #8

Garden Design Instructions

Click on the shovel icon in the Garden Design below to reveal the plant name and it's description. You can also add the plant to your shopping cart.

Note: The default quantity is the number of plants you will need to get the same effect as shown in the garden below.

Myositidium hortensia- Chatham Island Forget Me Not

Price $11.50
Myositidium hortensia- Chatham Island Forget me not With their thick, glossy leaves and spectacular blue flowers, Chatham Island forget-me-nots are one of the most attractive of New Zealand's herbaceous plants. It is not a true forget-me-not, but was given the name because its flowers are very sim … Read More »

Camellia Mansize

Price $15.00
Camellia Mansize My favourite Camellia. Has stunning pure white anemone flowers in spring that contrast superbly with its dark green foliage. Has a good upright growth habit. Likes a spot in the semi shade. No minimum number required. If you have any questions, please don … Read More »