Garden Design #14

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Note: The default quantity is the number of plants you will need to get the same effect as shown in the garden below.

Cornus eddies white wonder
From: $257.24
Cornus Eddies White Wonder

Cornus Eddies White Wonder is awash with large white flowers in spring. The lush green foliage turns to red with hues of pink in autumn. Position in a sunny spot in moist well drained soil. Use as a specimen, as a backdrop or plant in groups. Hardy. Deciduous. 4m x3m.

The image is of our 35L grade and they are currently 2.2m tall 

Phormium Emerald Green
From: $15.08
Phormium Emerald Green

An attractive flax, with compact emerald green foliage. The flower heads are an added attraction. Great choice for a smaller growing foliage plant. 60cm

Pot Size

Pratia White Stars
From: $6.50
Pratia White Stars

Bright white flowers cover a dark green, spreading mat of foliage. Leaves are practically stemless, allowing to float atop the foliage. An excellent groundcover for moist, boggy sites. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate in contacting us.

Pyrus salicifolia pendula - Silver Weeping Pear
From: $60.00
Pyrus salicifolia pendula - Silver Weeping Pear

Pyrus salicifolia Pendula, commonly known as Silver Weeping Pear is a stunning tree with long narrow silver-gray leaves that are covered in a silky down. The overall effect is graceful and arching. White blossom in spring followed by small inedible fruits. Quite striking placed against a dark background or soft and sensual combined with white. Deciduous.