Cornus + Lomandra + Prunus + Hydrangea + Rhododendron

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PRICE: $772.16

Cornus + Lomandra + Prunus + Hydrangea + Rhododendron Flat pack is a design aimed for a gardener who wants an easy clean green look with floral interest and minimal effort. A hedge provides a backdrop, useful for disguising a fence or wall you would rather not see.

Cornus Eddie's White Wonder is a standout tree placed as the centre piece of the garden. This variety has beautiful large white flowers, and dark maroon autumn foliage.

The Hydrangea Limelight with large panicle shaped flowers, long lasting until they change to soft pinks in autumn. This variety can handle more sunlight than the mophead varieties and looks fabulous repeated across the garden beneath Cornus.

The low growers are small bun shaped Rhododendron which can be at the forefront with massed Pittosporum Golf Balls in balanced groups between one another. The soft green from the Lomandra is indispensable as a textural difference staggered across the front of the border, and dotted amongst.

This plan is based on being 3m wide by 10m long. 

If this planting plan is not quite right for your property then check out our services to get you the right look with the right plants 

Plants in this Plant Pack

Lomandra Lime Tuff
Cornus Eddies White Wonder
Rhododendron Pawhuska
Prunus lusitanica - Portuguese Laurel
Pittosporum Golf Ball
Hydrangea Limelight