Camellia + Liriope + Helleborus

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The Camellia + Liriope + Hellebores Flat pack is a design aimed for a narrow garden on the shady side of your home. The Camellia Diana fits all the requirements - evergreen, able to be kept as individual plants or even espaliered with the added value of the white flowers to brighten this space. 

Under planted in groups of three are the easy to look after Liriope Munroes White. A small hardy evergreen that looks great all year round. 

Hellebore White magic, which has a glorious display of colour in late winter. It will really complement the other two species with flowers spreading out in spring with the camellia and Liriope. 

The repetition of just three plant varieties can brighten up what can otherwise be a difficult area to garden.

This plan is based on being 1m wide by 10m long. 

If this planting plan is not quite right for your property then check out our services to get you the right look with the right plants 

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Plants in this Plant Pack

Camellia Diana
Helleborus Jacob
Liriope muscari Monroe White