Buxus + Choisya + Camellia

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Buxus + Choisya + Camellia is a layered hedge planting plan.

A really interesting visual that will create a consistent year round look with the seasonality of the flowers from both. The Camellia is more late winter followed by the Choisya in mid spring. A very classic visual with the green foliage and the white flowers.

The Greens of this plant combination complement each other with an overall subtle aesthetic. This planting suits a boundary fence in an urban setting or against a wall of the house where there are no low windows. 

Grows in most parts of new zealand, in both full sun to heavy shade. Will require free draining soil and will perform better if it is in a sheltered situation. 

Once established this is a garden that will only require two trims a year, so not much work to do here. During the establishment you will need to make sure the garden is kept weed.

This planting plan is based 1.2 wide x 10m long and will be happy to tweak to your measurements. 

If this planting plan is not quite right for your property then check out our services to get you the right look with the right plants 

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Plants in this Plant Pack

Choisya ternata
Camellia Setsugekka