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This plant pack consists of a planting plan, plants, fertiliser tablets, and plant protectors. 

The Bee pack has a diverse range of plant species all targeted at attracting biodiversity, as well as providing crucial benefits to your property such as erosion control, shelter, or enhancing aesthetic value. 

Consisting of a variety of species which are known to attract bees and native birds during their flowering time, and created to be planted with less structure to represent what the planting would look like growing self-seeded, this pack will provide height, density, and a range of colours. 

Hebe snowdrift is a hardy plant which tolerates full fun, and part shade, grows to about 1.5m in height. It is dense, and in summer when flowering produces white flowers on spikes. Sophora microphylla, commonly known as Kowhai, grows to around 8m in height sometimes, and produces beautiful bright yellow flowers September to November. Cordyline australis, or Cabbage Tree, attracts native birds during its flowering time when highly scented flowers appear on large spikes protruding from the leaves. Cabbage tree is a truly iconic species to New Zealand, providing an impressive structural trunk when mature. Pittosporum tenuifolium provides dense foliage, and can also provide good shelter for both stock in paddocks, and streams, as it can grow up to 5m in height. Pittosporum produces small dark coloured flowers, which when fertilised turn into small round fruit, dispersed by birds through seeds encased in a sticky substance. Leptospermum scoparium, Manuka, produces white or sometimes pink flowers which attract birds and bees, famous for its role in producing manuka honey. Leptospermum scoparium is often the first coloniser to regenerate on cleared land, so makes a great addition to the first stage of planting. Hoeheria angustifolia, or Narrow-leaved lacebark, produces clusters of white flowers in summer, and can grow up to 6m in height. 

This plant pack is best suited to locations with milder weather, as some species such as leptospermum and hoheria are frost tender when younger. The height of the species in this plant pack can also lead to underplanting with secondary species after around 5 years of growth. 

This plant pack is for an area 5m wide x 100m long.

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Plants in this Plant Pack

Cordyline australis
Sophora microphylla
Hebe Snowdrift
Leptospermum scoparium
Pittosporum tenuifolium
Hoheria angustifolia
Slow release fertiliser tablets
KBC CombiShield™